By the grace of God, the effective prayers of Christ Jesus and the guidance of the Holy Spirit, our mission is to be true to the inerrant word of God, to pursue holiness, and be faithful to Christ’s great commission.  In essence, All of Christ for All of Life. 


  • Being Faithful:
    • To the preaching of the Word
    • In the administration of the Sacraments
    • In exercising Church Discipline
  • Worshipping:
    • As a liturgical church
    • Intentionally together with all ages integrated in worship
    • In communion at the Lord’s table each week as the culmination of our worship service
  • Living:
    • As a reforming church always looking to be changed by God’s Word
    • As a voice of truth to the local government and community
    • Life together, and practicing loving discipleship
    • As a family to those without a family, to care for the orphan, the widow, and the poor
    • To promote family worship and a personal pursuit of holiness